14K Gold Turquoise Bar Pendant. GGDP-127Y-TQFF,  pendant, Pendant, Belarino

14K Gold Turquoise Bar Pendant. GGDP-127Y-TQFF

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Articulation Piece in the Fashion World: Crafted in 14K gold and genuine turquoise stones this pendant is completed with a bar of geometric cubes, encrusted with turquoise stones for a modern feel. For those looking for a Mother's Day gift or a memorable occasion to add to their casual outfit, this versatile pendant features three spherical natural turquoise gemstones on the gold bar with an adjustable rollo chain.

GemStone Significance: Turquoise gemstone absorbs all negative energies and ill vibrations that surround a person. In fact, it begins to change hue based on the negativity in your environment.

Key Points:

  1. Total Turquoise weight: 1 ct.
  2. Crafted in 14K Gold with three round natural turquoise gemstones on the bar.
  3. Chain Length:18 Inch Adjustable Rollo Chain.