14K Gold Diamond & Aquamarine Crown Ring. GGDB-188R-AQDD,  Color Stones, Color Stones, Belarino

14K Gold Diamond & Aquamarine Crown Ring. GGDB-188R-AQDD

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Statement Piece in the Fashion World: Your style is perfect with one of the regal crown designs with diamonds around the horns and three stones set in aquamarine between the horns.

Aquamarine GemStone and Diamond Significance: Aquamarine is a stone of harmony, stability, and regulation for the mind, emotions, and physique. Diamond is April's birthstone. Diamonds have been associated with good health and represent long life and good heart health.

Key Points:

  1. White Diamond weight: 0.27 ct.
  2. Aquamarine weight: 0.09 ct.
  3. Crafted in 14K Gold with Aquamarine.