14K Yellow Gold Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Flower Pendant

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This exquisite collection showcases delicate flower pendants meticulously crafted from 14k gold, each adorned with genuine yellow sapphire stones and a round diamond. Ideal for commemorating special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, or any joyous event, these pendants make for personalized gifts with a touch of elegance. Yellow sapphire, known as the September birthstone, not only adds a vibrant touch but also carries properties believed to induce a sense of calmness and reduce anger, promoting a composed demeanor in the wearer. Furthermore, yellow sapphire is renowned for its ability to attract wealth and prosperity.
Key Points:

  1. SKU Number: ABP-167Y-RUD
  2. Gold weight: 2.60 gr.
  3. Diamond Weight: 0.09 ct.
  4. Yellow Sapphire weight: 0.850 ct.
  5. Crafted in 14K Gold & Diamond with Yellow Sapphire Pendant.

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