14K Turquoise Bypass Fashion Ring. GGDB-272Y-TQFF,  Color Stones, Color Stones, Belarino

14K Turquoise Bypass Fashion Ring. GGDB-272Y-TQFF

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The Most Prominent Piece of Fashion: If you're looking for an accessory that will inspire you to live a more fulfilled life, look no further than this Turquoise and Diamond Ring. Wear it out or stack it with other bands for a distinctive look.

An Absolute Formation of Turquoise and Diamond: Turquoise, with its sea-green hue and long history of symbolism, came to represent a wide range of things to the ancients. People have regarded it throughout history as a powerful protector, a source of tranquillity, and a symbol of enduring love. Diamonds have long been regarded as a symbol of eternal life and good health.

Key Points:

  1. Turquoise Weight: 0.15 ct.
  2. Crafted in 14K Gold Turquoise Fashion Band.