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Astonish Everyone With These 7 Simple Tricks for Stackable Jewelry

Astonish Everyone With These 7 Simple Tricks for Stackable Jewelry

Whether you have a vast collection of family heirlooms or only purchase the most expensive diamonds, finding a storage solution for all of your jewelry should be a top priority. When it comes to protecting your jewelry, keeping things neat helps you keep track of what you own and avoid losing or stealing your pieces.

This is how we can keep our most prized possessions organized, accessible, and protected. 

Read on for some of their best jewelry storage options.

Organize Your Jewelry Collection.

Before deciding how to store your jewelry, it's important to determine what you enjoy and what you don't. As the founder of Better than B4, I'd advise anyone to check out or reuse any old jewelry that's tarnished or broken that's taking up valuable storage space. A jeweler can also reset sentimental pieces that don't fit your current style.

Get A Jewelry Box As A Gift.

The purpose of a jewelry box is to keep all of your jewelry organised, safe, and within easy reach whenever you want to accessorise. Your gems will be "dust-free, visible and safe" thanks to these. Additionally, they're stylish enough to put on display or stow neatly in a closet, drawer, or even under your bed.

Employ The Use Of Stacked Drawer Organisers.

If your nightstand or dresser has only a few drawers, you can use one of those to keep your jewelry. The co-founder of Done and Done Home, Ann Lightfoot, advises stackable drawer organisers with divisions for storing jewelry such as stackable rings, gemstones, necklaces, watches, and earrings.

Display Your Valuables In A Revolving Case.

If you own a great collection of necklaces, rotating organisers are an excellent option for storing them. They're similar to a lazy Susan in that they can hold a lot of jewelry and make it easy to get to it all by rotating the display. With each turn, you'll be able to see all of your stackable rings, necklaces, and hoop earrings in their proper place.

Invest In A Jewelry Cabinet Or Mirror.

If you have a lot of jewelry and have the room, getting an armour to store it all is a great solution. You can store a wide range of objects in the allocated spaces provided by these freestanding furniture pieces. It's also possible to buy an open jewelry cabinet that looks like a mirror and may be hung on the wall.

Wrap Up

These above-mentioned tricks will help you to organise your stackable jewelry. To keep the looks and grace shiny of your stackable jewelry like earrings, necklaces, rings, etc., you need to take care of the items by following the above-mentioned simple tricks.

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